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Loan Types


"Signature" loans (no collateral required) are available to those who qualify. When you need to borrow, your Credit Union should be your first thought.


New and used automobiles are being accepted as collateral for secured loans. Other collateral accepted as security include motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and mobile homes.  Check with our office for current rates on these types of loans.

Real Estate

Call our office for details concerning Real Estate Loans offered at your Credit Union.

General Comment - The Credit Union is desirous of serving the borrowing needs of our members to the fullest possible extent. Loans are made for any "provident" and productive purpose, including new autos, used autos, mobile homes, boats, furniture, home repairs, home modernization, vacations, education, medical, dental, funeral, taxes, insurance premiums, debt consolidation, real estate, agricultural, etc. Check with our office for complete details

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