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History & Purpose

In 1956, a group of Celanese employees held an organizational meeting and applied for a charter to operate a credit union. The application was approved and a charter issued. On August 28, 1956 Celco Employees Federal Credit Union opened its doors for business. We moved from the Celanese plant to our current building right down the road in 1985. Our name was changed and membership was then opened up to the Giles County community.

From its beginning, Celco Community Credit Union has been a vital part of the community, helping many people with their financial needs. Ninety percent of Celanese employees are members of  CCCU.

From the onset, the prime purpose of our credit union has been to encourage thrift among its members with payroll-deduction savings, low-interest loan rates and other financial services.

Celco Community Credit Union is a non-profit organization, owned and managed by and for its members.

CCCU has taken an active part in organizaing several credit unions including Virginia Tech Employees Federal Credit Union, Giles Memorial Hospital Employees Credit Union, Giles Education Association Employees Federal Credit Union and GEG Federal Credit Union. In 1972, Giles Memorial Credit Union merged with GEG Federal Credit Union. In 1988, GEG Credit Union merged with Celco Community Credit Union. They are included in our field of membership.

The slogan, "Once a Member, Always a Member" gives our membership the freedom to live anywhere in the world and CCCU can still meet their financial needs.

In July 2014, a second branch of Celco Community Credit Union was opened at 5862 Virginia Avenue, Pembroke, Virginia.

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