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Celco Community Credit Union members are eligible to apply for loans. The amounts available are geared to length of employment, income, ability to repay, and collateral.


Unsecured - "Signature" loans (no collateral required) are available to those who qualify. When you need to borrow, your Credit Union should be your first thought.

Secured - New and used automobiles are being accepted as collateral for secured loans. Other collateral accepted as security include motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and mobile homes.Check with our office for current rates on these types of loans.

Real Estate - Call our office for details concerning Real Estate Loans offered at your Credit Union.

General Comment - The Credit Union is desirous of serving the borrowing needs of our members to the fullest possible extent. Loans are made for any "provident" and productive pupose, including new autos, used autos, mobile homes, boats, furniture, home repairs, home modernization, vacations, education, medical, dental, funeral, taxes, insurance premiums, debt consolidation, real estate, agricultural, etc. Check with our office for complete details.


Lending policies are established by the Board of Directors and are implemented by our staff and loan officers.

Policies may be changed periodically to reflect economic conditions.

There is no penalty for early repayment (in part of in full) on any Credit Union loan.

When conditions are met, regular personal loans, secured and unsecured, are approved daily.


Loan payments can be made by payroll deduction. Whether weekly or semi-monthly, members find this an efficient, painless method to keep loan payments up to date. By providing an automatic flow of payments, the savings in operating expenses can be passed along to members in the form of lower rates on loans and higher dividends on savings.


Members' loans can be insured with Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance, up to a maximum of $50,000.00.  Insurance premiums are paid by the borrower.  Details on these insurance programs are available in the Credit Union office.


Members outside of our immediate area may experience some slight delay due to obtaining the required signatures on forms processed through the mail.

Celco Community Credit Union
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