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Get the very latest weather forecast, including hour-by-hour views, the 10-day outlook, temperature, humidity, precipitation for your area.
Extreme weather that struck the world in 2017
The culprit appears to be small particles released by combustion, researchers say.
<!--smart_paging_autop_filter--><!--smart_paging_filter-->While the “Eskimos have 100 words for snow” debate remains up in the (cold, cold) air, we do know—thanks in large part to the folks at the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)—that Americans have no lack of idioms for the chilly white stuff. Here are 15 of them from all over the United States.
<p>A brief burst of snow will spread over the Northeast's Interstate 95 corridor, threatening to create tricky travel as commuters head home later Friday.</p>
Incredible photos from this week in weather events
<p>A firefighter died Thursday while working a colossal wildfire burning in coastal mountains northwest of Los Angeles that has become the fourth largest in California history.</p>
The Thomas Fire continues to burn in Southern California, leaving severe destruction in its wake.
Scientists analyzed 27 extreme weather events from 2016 and found that global warming was a “significant driver” for most of them. We look at five cases.
Winter is coming and some of us are better prepared for it than others.&nbsp;
California's seemingly endless cycle of wildfires is prompting authorities to make plans to set more "controlled burns" to thin forests choked with dead trees and withered underbrush that serves as kindling to feed monster blazes that force entire communities to flee, destroy homes and take lives.
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - For well over a week, hundreds of inmates have chain-sawed through relentless thickets of chaparral, cutting lines through the backcountry to thwart the fire's sudden rushes at homes. On Thursday, they were deep in the Los Padres National Forest, covered in wood grit, soot and sweat, as the Thomas fire continued to grow - becoming the fourth-largest in modern California ...
Ever wonder why you feel that burning in your throat or chest when outdoors in cold air? There's a reason for it and it's pretty simple.
Out of an estimated 1,500 active volcanoes, 50 or so erupt every year, spewing steam, ash, toxic gases, and lava.
Want to see snowflakes this holiday season?
Lucia Roda stood in her backyard early Wednesday morning, watching flames shoot up in the dark for each tree a spreading western South Dakota wildfire engulfed on the hills not far from the Spanish mustang preserve she manages.Roda's family got an early morning pre-evacuation notice suggesting they leave their home and the conservancy in Buffalo Gap, South Dakota, but they decided to remain rather than chance moving 34 horses in the dark. The family took the "calculated risk" to wait until light so it would be safer if the horses had to be transported,...
With winter starting in the Northern Hemisphere, here are some delightful pictures of snow-immersed areas in the world at this time of the year.
(NEW LONDON, Conn.) — About 1,000 icebergs drifted into the North Atlantic shipping lanes this year, marking the fourth consecutive “extreme” ice season, U.S. Coast Guard officials said Thursday. The Connecticut-based Coast Guard International Ice Patrol, which monitors iceberg danger in the North Atlantic and warns ships, held its annual meeting in New London to discuss 2017 and look ahead to 2018.&nbsp;
Storms like the one that flooded Houston and a wide area of Texas in August are also much more likely, the studies found.
The Pacific Northwest has been enjoying a lull in the rainy season for the past little while, with the dry streak now in its tenth day for Seattle and Portland.&nbsp;
Surfers in a California seaside community hit the beach to catch waves, despite smoke-filled skies from a looming wildfire.
As of December 12 2017, 23.6% of the U.S. surface is covered with snow, but what is especially striking is that more than two weeks before Christmas day, all 50 states have seen snow on the ground despite much of it rapidly melting away in some areas.&nbsp;
The reliably frozen Arctic is history, say scientists who warn of an unprecedented rate of warming.
Meteorologist Dr. Erika Navarro tracks the next system bring heavy snow across the great lakes into the northeast.
The Geminids are expected to be the best meteor shower this year.
Authorities say a 21-year-old man is dead after his car slid into the path of a truck on a snow-covered stretch of U.S. 20 in northwest Indiana.The crash happened around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.
A cooking fire at a homeless encampment sparked a wildfire last week that destroyed six homes in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, authorities said Tuesday, while the fifth-largest...
The sudden, scary ice melt in the Arctic, in one chart. The Arctic Ocean once froze reliably every year. Those days, it seems, are over. On Tuesday, NOAA released its latest annual Arctic Report Card, which analyzes the state of the frozen ocean at the top of our world. Overall, it’s not good. “The Arctic is going through the most unprecedented transition in human history,” Jeremy Mathis, director of NOAA’s Arctic research program, said at a press conference.&nbsp;
422-acre Skirball Fire, which broke out at 4:50 a.m. Dec. 6, destroyed six homes, prompted evacuations and injured at least two firefighters
The extreme wildfire threat isn't just confined to California this week. A fast-growing wildfire at South Dakota's largest state park forced evacuations on Monday, officials said. The Legion Lake Fire at Custer State Park in the Black Hills had consumed over 2,500 acres and was zero percent contained, according to a press release tweeted out by Custer State Park around 5:30 Monday night.&nbsp;
<p>Following Monday and Tuesday's snowstorm in the midwestern and northeastern United States, even more snow is expected to snarl parts of the region.</p>
Crews Light Backfires To Control California Fire
<p>Wind gusts that helped push a massive wildfire into Santa Barbara County this weekend were growing weaker Monday, but authorities say the week-old Thomas fire still threatens the coastal enclaves of Carpinteria, Summerland and Montecito.</p>
Our planet has endured a tumultuous year of rising temperatures, natural disasters and wildlife extinctions, but it's not been all bad news for Mother Earth. We take a look back at the key environmental stories of 2017.
<p>Alberta clipper storms packing snow and arctic air will continue to roll across parts of the midwestern and northeastern United States this week.</p>
<p>Storms, which often leave behind chaos and destruction, can sometimes look beautiful. Here are some images of this natural phenomenon that will leave you mesmerized.</p>
How much snow and how cold will it get this winter?
<p>A stormy pattern in the days leading up to Christmas may increase odds for a white Christmas in the midwestern and northeastern United States but may also pose concerns for holiday travelers.</p>
<p>Behind the storm set to bring snow back to the northeastern United States by Tuesday, bitter cold and frigid winds will make being outdoors brutal at midweek. The cold may also lay the foundation for more snow opportunities later in the week.</p>
<p>On Friday, an army of firefighters in Ventura County hoped they were finally beginning to turn the tide on the Thomas fire.</p>
Thousands remain without electricity across the Deep South days after a winter snow storm snapped power lines across the region.
Santa Barbara County was under siege from the Thomas fire Sunday as fire crews fought to keep the destructive blaze from the region’s picturesque beach communities.&nbsp;
Snow and wintry weather are still wreaking havoc on travelers in Britain, with flights cancelled, roads sheathed in ice and rail travel disrupted Monday.With temperatures predicted to drop overnight to as low as minus 12 Celsius (11 degrees Fahrenheit), transport officials worked on cleanup. Hundreds of schools were closed and airports struggled under the weight of flight delays."The worst of the snowfall is behind us," said Grahame Madge of the Met Office. "It's now we've had."Europe's largest airport, Heathrow, warned that hundreds of flights would be cancelled as it...
New snowfall is expected to sweep across the Northeast and upper Midwest early this week on the heels of a major winter storm that blanketed parts of the South and Mid-Atlantic.
Our top environment photos from the past year.
<p>Unusually frigid weather in the southern United States has many wondering if this will be the season's only shot of wintry air.</p>
The Paris agreement on climate change charts a narrow path to avoiding a global apocalypse. Just one problem: Its centerpiece is a technology that basically doesn’t yet exist.
Conditions at the largest housing project for low-income seniors on the hurricane-ravaged island illustrate a health crisis for the most vulnerable.
More than 300 flights were cancelled and hundreds more delayed as snow and ice blocked runways at Germany's largest airport in Frankfurt on Sunday, the airport operator said.
<p>ATLANTA — Parts of the Deep South affected by an early snowstorm now must deal with its after-effects.</p>
This year is set to reach the record for the most billion-dollar climate disasters in the nation's history, according to reports.


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