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Get the very latest weather forecast, including hour-by-hour views, the 10-day outlook, temperature, humidity, precipitation for your area.
<p>Chuck Stafford was watching the Atlanta Falcons rout the Green Bay Packers for the NFC title when bad weather suddenly began to pound his mobile home in southern Georgia.</p>
The third in a series of powerful winter storms unleashed a deluge in Southern California on Sunday, flooding numerous roads and freeways, setting new rainfall records and stranding some in dangerously rising waters.
Kutubdia’s islanders don’t have much of a carbon footprint – most don’t have regular electricity. But they are facing the reality of a changing climate, and soon tens of millions of their fellow Bangladeshis will be at risk
BAY HEAD, N.J. — Oceanfront homeowners in this wealthy New Jersey shore enclave have so little faith in the government's ability to protect them from catastrophic storms that they've spent $5 million of their own money on boulders placed between their homes and the ocean.
It seemed like an ordinary day at first. Like any other day, folks on the Great Plains were struggling to get by.&nbsp;
On a rainy Inauguration Day morning, dozens of students, archivists, librarians, professors and other concerned citizens gathered in a University of California, Los Angeles classroom, poring over the Department...
<p>PETAL, Miss. — Cynthia Holland has to repair her liquor store. William Carey University has to find a place to hold classes. Michelle Kirk has to allay her 11-year-old daughter's anxieties while living in a damaged house</p><p></p>
Was the Italian ski resort disaster the result of weak snow packs?
<p>World temperatures hit a record high for the third year in a row in 2016, creeping closer to a ceiling set for global warming with extremes including unprecedented heat in India and ice melt in the Arctic, U.S. government agencies said on Wednesday.</p>
Extreme flooding events are becoming more common in the United States.&nbsp;
EPA staff are ‘nervous’ after the president-elect promised to reduce the environment agency to ‘tidbits’ and named climate skeptic Scott Pruitt to lead it
Meet Austin, Trevor and Connor Bartz, three brothers who have turned their art into something much bigger than themselves. if (window.location.protocol...
<p>A woman and four children were pulled Friday from the ruins of an Italian hotel and five other survivors were found, two days after the building was buried under an avalanche.</p>
Rising sea levels mean that Lennox Island has lost more than 400 acres in just a few generations. Now its First Nations community wonders if it has a future
<p>Something very unusual is happening on this planet of ours.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Global warming is going to steal away some of those postcard-perfect weather days in the future, according to a first-of-its-kind projection of nice weather.</p>
Glaciologists have been "unable to predict" whether the crack will cause a part of the ice shelf to break away and form a giant iceberg.
John Abraham: A new study shows the Northeast USA will reach the dangerous 2°C warming threshold faster than most of the rest of the planet
Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari has the forecast for Inauguration Day.
<p>The windiest city in the U.S. in 2016 was Nashville, according to a yearly analysis of weather data from CoreLogic, a research and consulting firm.</p>
Video footage showing snow leopards and common leopards sharing the same habitat causes alarm.
It's easy to get caught up in worrying about how crazy the world is. But sometimes it's important to stop and remember that it's also beautiful.&nbsp;
DES MOINES, Iowa — A few states in the Midwest again are on alert for icy conditions.Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Michigan are expected to see a mix of rain and freezing rain Monday, with the precipitation pushing into southern Minnesota and much of Wisconsin during the evening.While the weekend's storm caused travel issues in parts of Oklahoma and Kansas, some meteorologists acknowledged it fell short of dire forecasts.Strong storms moved through Houston on Monday morning, following a night of storms in Texas.There was at least one tornado touchdown confirmed, and severe weather kept...
When the power goes out in the midst of an ice storm, it's important to know what measures to take in order to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.
As Winter Storm Jupiter passes through Oklahoma, rain continues to turn to ice.
<p>A collection of the week's best weather photography.</p>
The garden in St. Louis was closed from visitors due to the severe ice storm, but the effects from the storm made for beautiful scenery of the area.&nbsp;
Eastern Europe has been hit by a deep freeze
Despite a closure due to weather conditions, the animals of the Oregon Zoo in Portland had a great time playing in the snow.
<p>The latest storm to wallop Northern California whipped up a small tornado that downed trees and fences near Sacramento.</p>


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