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P.O. Box 361, 3381 Virginia Ave.
Narrows, Virginia 24124

Office Hours (including Drive-in Windows)
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

Telephone: (540) 921-2700
  (540) 726-8038
Toll Free: 1-(888) 921-2701
Teller Lines 921-8139
Loan Department 921-8138
Bookkeeping 921-8137
Collections 921-8136
Audio Teller 921-1872




In 1956, a group of Celanese employees held an organizational meeting and applied for a charter to operate a credit union. The application was approved and a charter issued. On August 28, 1956 Celco Employees Federal Credit Union opened its doors for business.

From its beginning, Celco Credit Union has been a vital part of the community, helping many people with their financial needs. Ninety percent of Celanese employees are members of the Credit Union.

From the onset, the prime purpose of the Credit Union has been to encourage thrift among its members with payroll deduction savings, low interest loan rates and other financial services.

The Credit Union is a non-profit organization, owned and managed by and for its members.

Celco Federal Credit Union has taken an active part in organizaing several credit unions including Virginia Tech Employees Federal Credit Union, Giles Memorial Hospital Employees Credit Union, Giles Education Association Employees Federal Credit Union and GEG Federal Credit Union. In 1972, Giles Memorial Credit Union merged with GEG Federal Credit Union. In 1988, GEG Credit Union merged with Celco Federal Credit Union. They are included in our field of membership.

The slogan, "Once a member, Always a Member" gives the membership the freedom to live anywhere in the world and Celco Federal Credit Union can still meet their financial needs.


A seven member Board of Directors elected by the members governs Celco Federal Credit Union.  Directors are elected at the credit union Annual Meeting and are elected to serve three-year terms.

The Board is responsible for the general management of the affairs, funds and records of the Credit Union. They meet on a regular basis to decide on dividends, loan interest rates, lending policies and other credit union matters or concerns. The Board officers include a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary and directors.

The Board also appoints Loan Officers and the Supervisory Committee. The Supervisory Committee conducts regular audits to assure that all accounts are in order. The Loan Officers approve or reject loan applications. Volunteers serve on various committees to inform the members of the man y services that Celco Federal Credit Union offers. The Board of Directors appoints them.

Through the efforts of all these people, the Credit Union is able to be responsive to its members.

Transactions are processed in a prompt, professional and confidential manner. Credit Union officials, representatives and staff are pledged to maintain the confidentiality of the financial affairs, transactions and personal information concerning the members.


Board of Directors
Position Names Department
President Anne Chambers Retired
Vice President Gerald Eaton Retired 
Treasurer Emory  Eaton Retired
Secretary Constance Copeland Retired
  Patricia M Crotty Retired


Barbara Meredith



Jeff Williams




Supervisory Committee
Chairman Jackie Kellison                                Retired
Member William Snidow Retired
Member Alvin Crotty Retired
Member Jeff Morris Contractor
Loan Review Committee
  Dean Marshall CU Office Staff
  Kevin Lively CU Office Staff
  Chau Gunter CU Office Staff
  Dana Yost CU Office Staff
Marketing and Educating Committee


Emory Meredith



Phyllis Chinault










Joan Johnston

Tammy Collins

Mark Collins   

Selena Shrewsberry

Mason Chinault

Billy Neal

Wilda Meredith                         









Office Staff
Dean Marshall Manager  
Mark Clemons Operations  Manager  
Sheila Stafford Member Service Rep.  
Kevin Lively  Loan Administrator, MLO# 1043170  
Dana Yost Loan Officer, Visa Coordinator  
Chau Gunter Mortgage Loan Officer, MLO# 1053777  
Brenda Miller Collections Supervisor  
Crystal Mann Collections  
Kristi Eaton Bookkeeping Supervisor  
Dianne Gautier Bookkeeping  
Deborah Lewis Head Teller  
Lisa Ferrell Teller  
Crystal Burton Teller  

Darlene Blankenship

Bridget Newby           




 Autumn Widrig               Teller

Selena Shrewsberry         Teller


Celco Federal Credit Union
PO BOX 361
Narrows, Virginia 24124